“Destroying the hard shell of illusion is symbolized by the breaking of  a coconut. Only when the ego is shattered can we drink the sweet water  of spiritual knowledge and taste the pure white substance of truth.”                Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji 

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Child’s Pose


Since, 1972 we have been committed to raising the spirit and consciousness of our beloved city, New Orleans. (Individually, as a community, socially, environmentally, universally and cosmically). 

For 44 years, Master Yoga Teacher Laura Ates has been facilitating personal growth and transformation through the Intuitive Arts with the intention of “breaking the coconut” utilizing the practices of Yoga, Meditation, Awareness, Reiki, Art Exploration, as well as, a variety of other powerful MindBody disciplines.     

We offer spiritual traditions and practices that align the body/mind with our powerful source of spirit, so our divine potential can be fully expressed, realized, and shared with others. We are devoted to making the world a better place to live, by starting from the inside - out. 

We are passionate about serving and helping the people of New Orleans and over the years continue to offer free classes and scholarships to those in need. 

We encourage you to unfold the best and finest of who you are! 

We offer: SAMADHI! 

Sacred Space for spiritual sat sang (conversation) with yourself and others.

Authentic yogic traditions and spiritual practices given with loving care. 

Methodology that awakens self realization and direct knowing

A learning climate that facilitates powerful transformation!

Diverse dharma honoring all cultures, religions, and beliefs.

Healthy, loving and supportive community.

Inventory of the body/mind, dispelling illusions that separate us from reality.

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